Acko Bike Insurance: Types, Coverages and Renewal


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Want to know all the details about the types, coverage and renewal methods of your Acko bike insurance? Confused about getting the two-wheeler insurance third party or comprehensive insurance? No worries! We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to know more!

What is Acko bike insurance?

Acko is one of the renowned insurance providers which is trusted by thousands of happy customers. It provides financial cover against accidental situations concerning your bike. The expenses of repairing and renewing your two-wheeler are taken care of by the insurance provider. Having Acko bike insurance can give you many benefits over other bike insurance plans. Firstly, their plans are more affordable as compared to the ones offered by the other insurance providers. Secondly, Acko offers improved plans with better inclusions. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice by selecting Acko as your insurance provider. 

Acko’s two-wheeler insurance third party

Two-wheeler insurance third party has been made mandatory by the government of India. Vehicle owners who do not buy third-party bike insurance are liable to be penalised for this. The fine amount can be up to Rs. 4000 or the individual can be imprisoned for nearly 3 months. Since it involves the risk of damage being caused to the third party, buying third-party insurance is extremely important. Acko gives you the best deals on two-wheeler insurance third-party, helping you to buy a cover as well as save money. 

Comprehensive bike insurance by Acko

Acko bike insurance policies offer the most affordable and best plans for customers to avail of. The comprehensive Acko bike insurance plan covers the basic requirements that a person has, regarding a good bike insurance policy. For example, it includes both personal accident insurance and a two-wheeler insurance third party. If either of the important and needed features is available, you get an option to get them added to your existing insurance policy by buying them as add-ons. 

You can go through the various plans and schemes that you find best. The best part about applying for bike insurance online is that you can visit the various sections of the website, giving you access to all the available information. This information enlightens you about the different plans and their inclusions. You can easily compare the various plans with each other, making things more well-arranged and organised for yourself. So, you can choose the Acko bike insurance plan after knowing everything about it. 


By covering the expenses of the major issues and repairs, the Acko bike insurance provides you with strong financial support. A bulk of things are usually covered, leaving you with fewer or no things to buy as add-ons. Some of the most common things that are covered by Acko bike insurance are – Depreciation fees, personal accident cover, engine protection cover, NCB protection, damage due to fire, damage due to natural causes, cases of theft, etc. most of these things are the most important and can be really helpful in times of need. 

These damages can be quite a drain on your pocket, and it is always a sensible decision to deal with them beforehand. No better option than buying the two wheeler insurance third party is available. 

You can also buy the add-ons of your choice at affordable prices. Make a note that the price for different add-ons can be different, and can also vary from one insurance provider to the other. Some of the popular add-ons are Roadside Assistance, Engine protection cover, zero depreciation cover and many more. Check it out before purchasing. 

Acko bike insurance renewal

Renewal of an insurance policy is continuing with the same policy that you used to have, after paying a particular amount. After making the payment, the policy is renewed, and you get your insurance coverage back. The insurers usually remind you 15 days prior to the expiration of your policy. If you get the payment done within those days, the policy continues. Otherwise, you will have to opt for it separately. While renewing it, you can add things to your policy that were not there before.

Renewing your Acko bike insurance is very simple and can be done within minutes. There is no hefty paperwork involved or prolonged documentation. Here are some easy steps to renew your bike insurance online. 

  • All you need to do is to visit the official Acko website or download the Acko application from the app store or play store. 
  • Then you need to login into your account using your credentials and registered mobile number. 
  • You would receive an OTP to login into the main page. 
  • There, click on the renew now toggle. 
  • Fill in all the required policy details, be it the two-wheeler insurance third party or comprehensive bike insurance. 
  • Now you can select your preferred mode of payment to renew your bike insurance. 

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