Bsnl Prepaid 4G Recharge Plans with Data Limit

If you’re looking for the best 4G coverage in India, BSNL prepaid mobile recharge is the way to go. For years, this leading Indian telco has provided excellent 4G services, and its 4G plans and data plans are simply unbeatable. We’ll go over all of the key details of BSNL 4G plans and data packs in this blog post, as well as highlight some of the most popular offers and data validity dates. So, whether you’re a prepaid subscriber or an existing postpaid customer, check out BSNL’s extensive 4G lineup.

It’s crucial to monitor your data usage because BSNL 4G is growing in popularity. they have updated their BSNL mobile rechargeAdditionally, take a look at our new deals section to find some fantastic data plans at low costs. Find out the most recent details about BSNL 4G Net Packs and deals here. Last but not least, use this guide to select the best BSNL 4G Prepaid Data Plan for your requirements.


  • BSNL Minipack Rs. 16 Data Plan

A total data allowance of 2GB is included in the Rs. 16 BSNL prepaid data recharge pack. Plus, the plan is only in effect for one day. So, in order to prevent it from expiring, you should use the 2GB within a day. If you have used up your daily data allotment at that price, 2GB of total data is incredibly useful to have. You will be charged 3p per 10KB once the data has expired or been consumed.

  • BSNL Data Plan for Rs. 56

The Rs. 56 provides total data like the Rs. 16 Minipack. However, we receive 10GB of real data to use, not 2 GB. Users of the plan will additionally receive a ZING subscription. Download ZING from the Google Play Store right now. It’s a program that lets you stream audio, video, and other content. The plan has a 14-day expiration date. Users will be charged 3p per 10KB after consumption.

  • The BSNL Data Plan costs Rs. 98

2GB of data per day is available with the Rs. 98 BSNL data recharge plan. It also provides subscriptions to EROS NOW Entertainment Services. After 22 days, the plan expires, and speeds will decrease at a rate of 3p per 10KB, just like with the other plans.

  • BSNL Data Recharge Pack for WFH Data STV, Rs. 151

For Rs. 151, you can purchase this mobile recharge online. For that price, you get 40GB of total data in the pack to work with. The freeZING subscription is another benefit of this particular plan. The plan’s validity is 28 days, and that’s it.

  • BSNL Data Plan for Rs. 198

Next, the Rs. 198 data plan offers a daily data quota rather than a total amount of data. Every day, users of the plan will receive 2GB of data. They will also have access to Lokdhun services. This strategy will be followed for up to 50 days. You will be charged 3p every 10KB after you’ve used up your daily data allotment of 2GB.

  • BSNL Data Recharge Pack WFH Data STV Rs. 251

The following and final BSNL Work From Home Data Plan has a price of Rs. 251. In fact, compared to the other plan, this BSNL data recharge pack offers 30GB more data for just Rs. 100 more. Users of the plan will receive a total of 70GB of data. The freeZING subscription is additionally accessible with this data pack. Like the Rs. 151 plan, the data pack has a 28-day validity period as well.

  • The BSNL Data Plan for Annual STV is Rs. 1,498

While the most expensive and final standard data plan costs Rs. 1,498 and includes 2GB per day, this particular plan does not. Additionally, the fact that this plan has a 365-day validity makes it expensive. The data is also unrestricted. Although your speeds will drop to 40KB/s even if you exceed your daily 2GB data cap, you won’t be charged 3p/10KB.


BSNL 4G is a 4th generation mobile network in India that provides high-speed internet and voice services with BSNL prepaid mobile recharge. You can enjoy fast and smooth internet browsing as well as continuous voice calls with 4G. Furthermore, BSNL provides a variety of prepaid and postpaid data plans, as well as net packs that provide additional benefits such as unlimited calls and texts. Sign up for BSNL 4G to take advantage of its incredible benefits. Recharge your BSNL sim card with the best BSNL prepaid mobile recharge plan using the Bajaj Finserv app to get some exciting offers, and it is safe and secure to use.

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