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Hotels Near Dallas

If you want to visit a fun place with your pet on a long road trip or a long vacation, then Dallas is one of the best places. There are different things that you can do with your four-legged friend. Apart from the dog parks, bookstore, and outdoor restaurants, you will be welcomed in several pet-friendly hotels near Dallas. 

There are many hotels near Dallas, Texas, where your pets are allowed to get special pet treatments. In this article, we are going to discuss with you the best pet-friendly hotels to stay in Dallas. 

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels In Dallas, Texas

No matter if you are a part of solo traveling or you are going to be a part of corporate travel in Dallas, we have discussed the best pet-friendly hotels in Dallas, Texas, below.  

1) Hotel Zaza Dallas

When you are staying at the ZaZa Dallas hotel, then you will be in one of the best pet-friendly hotels near Dallas. Out of the entire city, it is one of the best pet-friendly hotels near Dallas. It has luxurious suits and is well-suited for humans and canine guests. 

In this case, once you have done the check-in process into this hotel along with your pet, then you have to pay $150 as pet fees. Apart from that, while you are staying in this hotel then, make sure that you have checked out from off-leash dog parks such as White Rock Lake Dog Park, Wagging Tail Dog Park in the North, and so on. 

2) The Adolphus

If you want to stay with your furry friend, then Adolphus is one of the best options to spend your vacation in. This hotel is also known as one of the famous autograph collection Marriott hotels near Dallas. 

The hotel’s pet policy is different; one pet of around 35 pounds weight per room charges $100 and is also non-refundable. On the other hand, this hotel has a total of 23 floors with spacious rooms and suites. 

Apart from that, this hotel is located near a lot of local attractions, and also it has a spa, offers Wi-Fi network connections, and so on. It is generally considered one of the best hotels near Dallas, Texas. 

3) Hyatt Regency Dallas 

Another pet-friendly hotel is Hyatt Regency Dallas. It is one of the hotels that are next to the reunion tower and also near the Dallas Convention Center. The Hyatt allows dogs more than 45 pounds weighted and two dogs per room. 

The pet fee here is up to $150, which is for six nights, and the additional fee is an extra $150 for seven days or for extended days. Apart from that, this hotel has a restaurant, pool, fitness center, meeting facilities, business services, and so on for its guests. 

4) Fairmont Dallas

It is very fun when you are traveling with your dog of any size and staying at Fairmont Dallas. The hotel has no limitation on the dog’s weight. In this case, you can keep your dog in any unattended room unless you switch off the do-not-disturb sign. 

Apart from that, your pet will be welcomed with food, a water bowl, a welcome gift, and also you can get emergency pet food as per your requirement during arrival. The pet fee is very minimal, and in this case, you have to pay $25 per day. 

5) Omni Dallas Hotel

If you love to travel with your pet and want to spend a relaxing vacation, then Omni Dallas hotel is one of the best. This hotel allows up to 25 pounds of weighted pets, and the charge is non-refundable. Apart from that, the cleaning fee is $100 per day. This hotel permits both cats and dogs, and if you want to keep more than one dog, then you can contact the hotel owner directly.

6) Sheraton Suites Market Center Dallas

When you are planning a trip with your furry buddy in Dallas, then the Sheraton suites market center is one of them. In this case, you have to pay $35 for your pet daily which is also non-refundable. 

7) The Westin Galleria Dallas

If you have more than one pet, then you can easily stay with your pet at the Westin Galleria Dallas. In this case, if you want to know more about the pet policy, then you can contact the hotel directly. The hotel is located in the Galleria Dallas Shopping Complex. 

In this case, this shopping complex has more than 200 shops, several attractions, and restaurants. There are also several spa rooms, regional occasions-inspired restaurants, and so on. 

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We have mentioned some of the pet-friendly hotels near Dallas, Texas, above in this article. In this case, you can search for “pet friendly hotels near me” in google and you will find several hotels near Dallas. Apart from that, the Dallas hotels are not much pocket friendly, but their services are incredible. These hotels are mainly perfect for you to spend your vacation with your pets.  Satisfy your curiosity about xanthan gum and dogs: Can Dogs Eat Saltine Crackers facts.

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