What is Microcement Floor London?

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Microcement floor London

A polymer-rich cement-based coating placed with a trowel, micro cement is sometimes referred to as micro-concrete, micro-screed, or polished cement. Because of its many uses and versatility, microcement floor London is frequently used for things like walls, staircases, floors, worktops, and even swimming pools. Microcement may be applied to practically any surface, including tiles, wood, and pre-existing concrete screeds, with the proper preparation.

Particularly among interior designers and architects who want to create an industrial concrete interior where it would not typically be achievable using conventional building techniques. So, microcement has experienced significant growth in popularity. One of the key advantages of microcement is that there are no grout lines or silicone connections that fade and become ugly over time because of its free-flowing, seamless design.

Due to the quality that can be attained, microcement is a fantastic option for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, living spaces, and workplaces. Each floor is unique since the client has the option of selecting the color, tone, and design of the Microcement.

Types Of Microcement Floor London

If there is one characteristic that properly sums up microcement for flooring, it would be its adaptability, as there are several variants based on the desired texture and finish. Some alternative systems, each ideal for certain demands and finishes, are available at the best stores.

The Most Popular Type Of Microcement For Flooring Is Micro Deck.

The gold standard in microcement for flooring is Micro deck. It is the most commonly utilized material due to its usability as well as its resilience to wear from impact, abrasion, and traffic. It may also be applied using the fresco-on-fresco method and is the ideal continuous coating for non-slip flooring.

Customers have three options within the Micro deck: Standard Micro deck, a two-component microcement that is one of the most traditional and well-liked; Unlimited Micro deck, a two-component microcement that offers smoother finishes and greater mechanical resistance; and Evolution Micro deck, a one-component microcement.

Ready-to-use Microcement For Flooring, Efecto Quartz

Our ready-to-use micro cement for flooring is called Efecto Quartz. You may design any type of flooring you can think of with its many color options and four granulometry. Both in enclosed and uncovered areas.

Its key benefit is that it makes it possible to apply microcement flooring more quickly. A thin coating with a very natural appearance, available in 16 colors.

Microcement From Atlantis Was Used For The Pool Floor.

One of our most upscale decorating options is Atlantic. Thanks to its novel composition, a microcement was created for the floor around the swimming pool. It instantly renders the microcement flooring waterproof and non-slip. Because of its unrivaled resistance to immersion, it may also be used in the pool basin.

For External Flooring, Use Microcement And Micro Stone.

A two-component microcement that doesn’t require any kind of treatment and has excellent mechanical and abrasion resistance as well as an anti-slip finish. It may also be used with the fresco-on-fresco method, like Micro deck. The Micro stone aggregates, however, have a larger thickness.

Industrial Flooring Made Of Microcement

Industrial is last but not least. An industrial flooring microcement that is recommended for usage in places like offices, huge warehouses, workshops, etc. Due to the machinery and weight placed on the surface, certain areas need to be more durable and resistant to traffic.

Industrial needs are satisfied by epoxy resin, which is a component of its makeup. An industrial floor microcement that is significantly more waterproof than other types of traditional microcements.

No Construction Or Trash When Using Microcement

Among the most significant advantages of microcement. There is no requirement for machinery because the coating is continuous and does not have expansion joints. The surface material has to be renovated. So, whether it is a floor, wall, ceiling, swimming pool, or piece of furniture is covered in microcement. There is no need for construction activity, hence no debris is produced. Not to mention how it gives every room a sense of space.

Microcement Is Incredibly Resilient And Lasting.

Microcement differentiates from other coatings as a particularly resilient substance that does not fracture. It retains its qualities throughout time and is still a coating that is very resistant to things like traffic, bumps, scratches, and sunshine, among other things.

Numerous Textures And Hues With Microcement

Microcement may create a variety of textures that are distinctive. Various finishes are possible based on the application, the selected color, and most importantly, the sealer.

Depending on the finish you wish to give the surface covered with smoothed microcement, professional offers a broad range of varnishes, including gloss finish, matte, ultra matte, satin, and even non-slip and waterproof.

The variety of colors available in microcement shops allows for virtually limitless customization of this coating. Surfaces their own identity with the use of pigments.

Microcement Floors With Underfloor Heating

The benefit of micro cement’s strong heat conductivity is last but not least. Smoothed microcement floor London has the benefit of being completely compatible with underfloor heating. It is actually among the greatest construction materials for underfloor heating.

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