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Do you want to buy any emerald jewelry? You might learn more about the authenticity of the portal from this article: Olecci: a scam?

The range of watches is there; would you want to add them to your list? Or are emerald necklaces and bracelets your thing?

Ingredients may improve the flavor of our cuisine, as we all know. Similar to how jewelry or accessories may improve the appearance of our attire. Throughout the world, particularly in the United States, people are pretty interested in adding accessories to their attire.

Here, we’ll inform you about a website that advertises a variety of Emerald jewelry. Let’s check, then: Olecci Legit or Scam?

Olecci: Is It Real or Not?

We must take into account the following factors to verify the website’s integrity:

The portal’s domain was created on August 23, 2021, and will be active until August 23, 2022.

Olecci only managed to earn a 2% trust index, which is terrible.

Olecci’s trust score is 5.8 out of 100.

It received a score of 0 on Alexa.

The website’s material was lifted from other portals.

Online Olecci reviews from customers are accessible.

Pages on social networking are inactive.

It provides its services all around the world, especially in the US.

There are security certifications on the website.

There are several alternatives for payment methods.

The website is now in doubt due to its young domain age.

What is the Website Olecci.com?

Online retailer Olecci, found at olecci.com, sells jewelry for men and women, including rings, watches, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets. And the costs for these things are reasonable.

Olecci, regrettably, is just another internet buying scam. The following issues were uncovered throughout our research:

It employs a fictitious business address.

No corporate information is available on the website.

The website has trustworthy Seals that are false and not from legitimate organizations.

It has no social media accounts.

The website has been operational for barely nine days as of its registration date on August 23, 2021.

You ought to be considering mission abortion at this time! However, keep reading if you’re still interested in purchasing from this shop.

Descriptions of Olecci

Olecci’s website address is https://olecci.com/.

No one has disclosed the company’s address anywhere.

The email address, [email protected], has been made public.

Is Olecci legit or a scam Business? The network has reviews from the customers.

The webpage does not give the phone number.

Olecci promotes a wide range of bracelets, watches, and other products.

Online payment methods include PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA, and Master Card.

Protocols properly secure the website.

You may trace your order using the tracking ID.

A few terms and conditions and a 24-hour refund/return policy have been published.

Positive Olecci Characteristics

Olecci.com accepts a wide range of quick and secure online payment methods.

The majority of client evaluations of the shop are favorable.

Olecci has provided a list of some excellent specials and discounts.

The retailer has a prompt return and exchange policy.

Problems to Consider

Many social networking connections and pages for this website are neither functioning nor visible.

Numerous pricey items are offered on Olecci.com.

This is a 12-day-old, less popular website that is quite new.

This Olecci.com website has an extremely poor trust rating of just 1%.

The majority of the material presented here has been copied

The Olecci.com store’s owner’s identity is kept a secret.

Transport & Delivery

Olecci gives the idea that their warehouse or actual store is situated in the United States. But that is not the case. The address for the company is a fraud. According to Google Maps, the location is a residential residence.

Since Olecci operates out of China, shipping and delivery might take weeks or even months.

Olecci Customer Complaints

Online evaluations from customers who purchased items from this company claim that they were forced to pay $79 for shipping. Additionally, they saw the identical problem message while trying to track their parcels on the Olecci website: “Info unavailable, we can’t recognize your number yet.”

Return Procedure

Customers should avoid this store’s policy on returns and exchanges. Items must be in their original packaging and the same condition. This illogical return policy, and the high reimbursement freight cost makes it much worse.

Have You Ever Been Duped? – Do This!

Customers who shop at this store risk having their credit cards stolen and their fees increased. Additionally, clients would either receive a subpar product, a different, less expensive product, or nothing at all.

To complain to your bank and obtain a replacement credit (debit) card is thus suggested. On the other hand, if you paid with Paypal, you should keep a record of the transactions (take screenshots) for reference.

Yes, online buying has made life simpler, but before making a purchase, consider the following:

When did the website launch? Is a return address provided? Are there internet client reviews? The social media icons are functional.

Always remember that you may purchase things from reputable Amazon merchants, such as the ones listed above. The return policy is one benefit of using Amazon as a retailer. You may always return your things and receive your money back if you’re unhappy with your order.


Do we have some information concerning the final judgment’s validity, including Olecci: Legit or Scam? The lack of customer reviews, the recent age of the domain, the poor trust index and trust rank, the large selection of items at exorbitant discounts, the lack of social networks, and a host of other criteria make the website questionable.

You must first study the URL, all the characteristics, and the content to learn how to safeguard your funds from PayPal fraud.

Do you own any Olecci reviews accessories? If so, do share your insights with us by outlining them in the space below. We have told everything about Olecci in this article. We hope you all understand it.


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