Top 5 ASO Tips to increase the download of Banking App

by johnpeter
digital marketing services for banks

A Digital marketing services for banks are expanding way beyond conventional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategies. The staggering popularity of digital payments. The rising demand for mobile banking services has altered the purview of traditional banking. Modern-day consumers look for personalized services and banking convenience at their fingertips. Way beyond the scope of websites and social media profileswell-built, intuitive mobile banking app provides customers with a seamless experience.

ASO (App Store Optimization) techniques enable banks to upsell. Cross-sell to existing customerscquire new customers to derive maximum ROI from their mobile banking apps. Apps also facilitate direct customer interaction and enhance the customer experience. This yields valuable feedback to steer customized marketing campaigns. 

Here are 5 top ASO tips to increase the download of banking apps and improve the overall mobile banking experience.

  • ICP-Centric Banking App Creation

The best digital marketing agency for the banking sector will ensure that the mobile banking app development is based on solid consumer research. Rather than directly assigning the project to an app developer, banks should deploy a digital marketing team to research their ideal customer profile (ICP) thoroughly. Necessary insights such as the needs and preferences of the target audience, their demographic traits, psychographic profile, technographic requirements, mobile usage patterns, and online feedback (from websites, financial forums, and social media) have to be studied. This has to be followed by app-centric keyword research based on the latest trends and competitor surveys. Ideally, geographic segmentation and localized keyword research should also be conducted for razor-sharp targeting.

  • Trustworthy and Compelling App Name/Logo

Visuals matter as they make the first impression. The average internet or smartphone user has a very low patience threshold of about 15 seconds. Browsing through the Play Store, they come across scores of apps that claim to provide the most efficient banking and financial services. Download decisions are usually based on the app review and rating. But even making an effort to check the reviews will depend on the first impression. The name has to be concise and instill trust in one glance, and the one-line description should have the primary keyword. The logo should be designed in a visually attractive way and reflect a credible brand image.

  • Innovatively Showcasing the Top Features and USPs

Both Google and Apple provide ample scope for apps to present their USPs. Yet, many banks need to draw the attention of prospective customers for higher app downloads. The role of outsourced digital marketing services for banks is crucial here. Attractive features like one-touch bill payments, swift transactions, 24×7 banking convenience, instant personal loans, easy KYC, free credit offers, and the latest investment guides should be showcased with attractive screenshots and short videos. 

  • Robust App Ratings and Reputation Management

Working on app ratings and reviews doesn’t imply that one has to manipulate them. Banking ASO relies on two major points- User Experience and Customer Services. If these two aspects are strong, the app ratings will automatically improve. Similarly, if the app is slow, difficult to use, or the app-routed customer service is poor, even the most attractive app with the latest features will fail to entice customers.

  • Holistic Banking App Promotions

From sharing QR Codes on the banking website, affiliate sites, and social media posts to promote the banking app download to incentivizing existing customers for referrals, a holistic promotional campaign on the right digital channels can boost app downloads. These marketing campaigns should utilize information from app store reviews and in-app feedback to be most effective.


From being an exclusivity just a few years ago, hundreds of free mobile banking apps are now available across the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Hence, merely creating a banking app today will not guarantee that your customers will download and use it. Furthermore, the competition from NBFCs that have launched financial service apps (personal loan apps, insurance apps, mutual fund apps, and so on) has made it. All the more difficult to compete and capture the attention of both existing and new customers. The only way to increase app downloads/usage and ROI is by designing an exceptionally secure, user-friendly, and enticing app. This has to be followed by regular updates, consistently fine-tuning the customer experience, and implementing the above ASO strategies for success.

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