What can you expect from a Kindergarten in Singapore?


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Parents are always doubtful and concerned about the future of their children. Especially when it comes to education and social development. From an early age, kids need to know how to socialize with others, especially when they get to the primary level. 

This is where Kindergartens come into the picture. Kindergarten in Singapore makes kids take part in recreational activities, improve their behavior, and learn socialization with each other. Kids are also taught to read, write, count, spell words correctly, and speak clearly.

A kindergarten school in Singapore is attended by children aged 3 to 6 years. You can expect children to be taught the basics of education here. Teachers teach the students how to be involved and active during their day. It includes study habits, physical activities, and creative play.

In this article, we will discuss the kinder school in Singapore. We shall also explore what parents can expect when sending their children to the best kinder school in Singapore. Let’s begin!

What should your Child Learn in Kindergarten?

In Singapore, teachers put a lot of emphasis on child-centred learning. In kindergarten Schools in Singapore, children get an excellent opportunity to become a class members.

At age 3 or 4, kids are still developing physically and mentally. That’s why preschool/Kindergarten teaches children the basics of learning. The basics include reading, writing, counting numbers, spelling words, and memorising things. They even get the opportunity to learn about colours and shapes.

7 Creative Areas of Development to Expect from Kindergarten in Singapore

When in kindergarten school, you can expect your kid to grow and learn in a holistic environment. Kids at preschool excel in 7 primary areas of development. They are as follows:

1. Social & Emotional Growth

Kids aged 3-4 are developing in terms of body, mind, and soul. They need to express their feelings through gestures and actions. That is why Kindergarten teaches them to help in social development and emotional literacy.

Social growth is significant for a child. It helps them empathise and form long-lasting relationships with friends. The schools in Singapore teach kids how to play with others as well as how to resolve conflicts. Kids learn to interact better with their classmates. Emotional literacy is a child’s ability to communicate his feelings and emotions freely. Preschools in Singapore excel in this area of development.

2. Language and Literacy Development

When you admit your children to Kindergarten, expect language and literacy development. Kids in preschool learn to use prepositions & pronouns such as on, in, under, and over. They also learn how to talk and be courteous by using golden words such as Sorry, Thank You, Welcome, Please, etc…

Kindergarten in Singapore teaches kids how to do simple word puzzles, like finding an object using a word. The objective is to build language skills, oral language, reading, writing, vocabulary building, sentence structure, and literacy.

3. Fine Motor Skills

In Singapore, kindergarten teachers support the development of fine motor skills. Your kid can perform activities like colouring exercises, solving puzzles, and simple arts & crafts. However, one must know that the Child’s mastery of fine motor skills depends on his level of independence.

4. Physical Growth

It’s between 3 to 6 years that children need to grow physically. Physical growth includes growth in size, height, and weight. A Kindergarten School in Singapore has teachers who support the development of physical skills such as running and jumping. Kids learn to climb and crawl, along with performing fine motor skills.

5. Mathematical Understanding

While in Kindergarten, kids learn four major mathematical concepts. They are number sense, measurement, geometry, and patterning. These basic maths concepts are essential for a child’s development. Teachers at preschools teach these mathematical concepts concerning everyday experiences. This makes it easier for children to relate to/understand maths concepts.

6. Creative Consciousness

Kindergarten schools provide creative activities for children. They encourage kids to play innovative games, make things, and express themselves using art tools. Creative skills help promote self-esteem, emotion management, and social development.

Most kindergarten Singapore schools ask kids to participate in media activities. Drama, dance, and movement help kids to express their creativity. Being imaginative is part and parcel of being creative.

7. Science & Technology

Learning science and technology at a young age is crucial for a better future. Children in preschool are taught about the earth, plants, animals, and the universe. Like every other subject in Kindergarten, science, and technology are taught with fun and creativity. Your kid will learn to use hands-on experiments with STEM tools, play-doh, magnets, and building blocks. All of these can have a positive impact on preschoolers’ academic careers. 


Most children enter kindergarten education at age four or five. A Kindergarten in Singapore prepares your kid for a brighter future. 

A kindergarten education prepares kids for the challenging journey of primary schools in Singapore. Thus, it is pertinent to choose the best Kindergarten for your Child. 

Remember, the top Kindergarten in Singapore can give your child what they need for efficient learning and social development. Check the credibility, academic excellence, and teacher-child ratio before admitting your kid to a particular kindergarten school. 

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