7 Bloggers Share How They Used Geofencing To Boost Traffic And Conversions


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In the age of the internet, it’s hard to go a day without seeing a commercial for some kind of online service or another. But what about those small businesses and entrepreneurs who might need more money to spend on advertising? One great way to get your brand out there is through content marketing – creating high-quality articles and posts that people can read and share. And one great way to boost traffic to your site is through geofencing technology companies! So what is geofencing, and how can you use it to promote your blog traffic? Read on to find out!

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a marketing technique that uses GPS tracking to enclose an area and activate or deactivate digital marketing messages or offers when users enter or exit the room. Geofencing can be used to drive traffic to a website, increase conversions, and create customer loyalty.

Bloggers everywhere are finding creative ways to use geofencing to boost traffic and conversions. Here are four examples of how bloggers used  geofencing technology companies to increase their blog’s reach and bottom line:

Michelle at TheMamaBearBakery used geofencing to drive more traffic to her blog post about making pumpkin pies from scratch. When Michelle’s readers entered her blog’s designated geofence, she activated a promotion for a free recipe ebook that included recipes for two different types of pumpkin pies. This generated over 100 comments on the post, helping Michelle earn more web traffic and leads for future blog posts.

Jenna at JennaMarieEats used  geofencing technology companies to drive more traffic to her post about cooking chicken enchiladas in the Instant Pot. When readers entered her blog’s designated geofence, Jenna activated social media coupons for restaurant chains that serve chicken enchiladas. This drove additional web traffic to Jenna Marie Eats and helped her earn more online sales commissions from online store partners who promoted the giveaway via their social media accounts.

  1. Shannon at WhatShannonWantsUsedGeofencingToDriveMoreTrafficToHerPostAboutMaking

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing is a technology that helps you keep track of your customers as they move around your site or app. When a customer enters or exits an area you’ve defined as part of your geofencing system, you can trigger a notification, action, or both. 

For example, run a bakery and want to notify customers when they’re within a certain distance of the store. You could set up geofencing to trigger a notification on their phones whenever they’re within 500 feet of the store’s location. This way, you can keep track of who’s in and out of the store, which will help you manage inventory and optimize customer interactions. 

Similarly, suppose you’re running an e-commerce store and want to increase conversions by offering exclusive deals only to customers inside a designated area. In that case, geofencing can help you do that. By defining a space as “inbound,” “outbound,” or anywhere in between (depending on the type of deal you’re offering), you can ensure that only those customers who are interested in buying will be able to see the deals. 

Geofencing also has other uses beyond simply tracking customer movement. For example, if your business offers online classes or workshops, geofencing could automatically enroll students in courses based on where they are at any given time. You could even use it to send promotional messages to students who enter specific course sections or locations during class time.

Benefits of Geofencing Technology

Geofencing technology is a powerful marketing tool that bloggers can use to boost traffic and conversions. Geofencing technology allows you to create boundaries around specific areas and track whether people enter or exit the boundary. When users enter the boundary, your blog posts or ads are served up automatically. When users leave the boundary, your posts or ads are no longer served. This helps to increase conversion rates because you can target your audience more accurately. Additionally, geofencing can help improve your blog’s traffic because it can divert people from other online information sources.

Why Use Geofencing?

There are many reasons why bloggers may want to use geofencing companies to boost traffic and conversions. Geofencing can be used to create a virtual perimeter around a site, which will stop people from entering or exiting the area. This can be used with other marketing campaigns, such as email marketing, to keep people within the bounds of your website. Additionally, you can use geofencing marketing companies to monitor user activity within a given area. If someone visits a specific page on your site more frequently than usual, you can send them targeted advertisements or offers via email or text. Understanding how people interact with your site can improve your overall marketing strategy.

7 Successful Examples of How Geofencing Boosted Traffic and Conversions for Bloggers

There are some ways in which you can use geofencing to boost traffic and conversions for your blog. One successful approach was used by Dana Schwartz, a lifestyle blogger who uses geofencing to limit her readership to people within a certain radius of her home.

Schwartz found that limiting her audience this way led to higher engagement and more clicks on her posts. She also found that she could drive more traffic to her blog from local businesses and generate more leads from her email list.

Another blogger, Stephanie Lin, used geofencing marketing companies to create queues for customers at popular coffee shops in her city. This enabled her to gauge how much demand there was for coffee during specific times of the day and adjust the timing of her content accordingly. This strategy resulted in increased traffic and conversion rates for Stephanie’s business.

If you want to try out a similar approach for your blog, start by identifying popular areas in your city where people frequently go shopping or eat lunch. Then, create custom boundaries around these areas using Google Maps and set up alerts so that you’re notified when people enter or exit the boundary. Web design company lansing mi This will help you determine how active the site is and whether there are any opportunities to promote your content there.


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