Does Amazon Charge You If You Don’t Sell Anything?

Does Amazon Charge You If You Don't Sell Anything?

by johnpeter
Amazon Charge

Does amazon charge if you don’t sell anything on Amazon?— this is your question. Well, the answer is yes. There are some terms and conditions that you have to follow when you sell products on Amazon. 

These things go under the Amazon FBA. You may have noticed that some Amazon fees are not mentioned properly in the seller center. No even described at all. This is a big problem for those who have sold products someday but now are not regular sellers on Amazon. 

If you are one of them then take a look at the below part to get every information. This article is going to be informative. So, you can bookmark this page as a reference. Whenever you need to look up any Amazon seller fee, you come back here. 

If You Don’t Sell Anything, Does Amazon Take Charge Of Inventory? 

Amazon is the best way to earn passive income. For retail sellers, this online platform is profitable. Yes, you may count inventory charges. It does not matter whether you sell products or not. According to Amazon selling regulations, “If you have aged inventory in the Amazon warehouse, you’ll have to pay storage fees. On the 15th of every month, Amazon FBA conducts an inventory clean-up. Inventory that has been in storage for more than 365 days incurs a long-term storage fee.”


It means you have to pay an inventory fee. So, you may ask what the inventory fee is. Here, inventory is known as the FBA fee. FBA stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon Fee”. If you stored your product in Amazon’s inventory sector or warehouse, you have to count the FBA part. 

See, when your product is stored in an Amazon warehouse, it’s Amazon’s responsibility to maintain them. When it is business, you have to pay them right? 

However, FBA pay is not only an inventory charge, when sellers decide to sell their products through the Amazon platform. Per order fulfillment fee includes refund management & support, stocking, delivering, shipping, loading, counting, etc. 

Amazon ships the products to your customer. So, it might be applicable to take charge of sellers. FBA charge constantly change. It can be said that it mostly increased. Now, it is 2.50 to 5.50 USD per item. You can check the recent FBA fee by searching:

  • FBA Fees For Amazon Europe
  • FBA Fees For Amazon North America

So, this is the inventory fees or FBA fees that you need to count. Apart from this, we will share other Amazon sellers’ fees. So, keep on reading till the endpoint. 

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Referral Fee

This fee is considered the core fee for all 3rd party sellers. Amazon charges a percentage of sales to allow you to use Amazon’s online marketplace. For instance, if you sell any item for 10 USD, you need to pay a referral fee of 15% per supply. 

This percentage can vary depending on the amount of the item. Generally, most categories(products) are charged 15%, but it can be as low as 6% or can increase as 45% for certain categories of products. 

You can find out the recent update on-

1. Seller Central North America – Referral Fees.

2. Seller Central Europe – Referral Fees. 


The principal fee is also called the product charge or item price. Amazon calls the principal amount part of the price that buyers pay before shipping the product. You can consider ]when a customer pays online before taking the product or shipping the product is called the Principal amount.

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Variable Closing Fee & Fixed Closing Fee

The variable fee is referred to as an Amazon additional fee. It is charged on media items like videos, books, DVDs, and music. And, these items are called closing fees. There are two kinds of closing fees:

1. Variable Closing fee

2. Fixed Closing fee

Amazon takes this charge to be based on the percentage of the price of the products. Later this percentage had maximums and minimums. Then the price becomes fixed and variable. But, it is all about the same matter, a closing fee. 

Whatever Amazon calculates the price, it is nothing but an additional fee. One user shared a statement on this matter, “I am not so sure why Amazon is charging an additional fee for all Media items. Maybe it’s because they originally started as an online bookstore, and feel that they are the best place for selling books and video games…”

Shipping Charge

Shipping charges are what the customer pays for shipping the item. This cost has the same name whether you or Amazon ship the package. If Amazon is handling the shipping, you will also see a Shipping Chargeback entry on the same order.

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Final Words

At the end of this article, we would say that once you have understood every charge and fee, it will be easy for you to do business with Amazon. Hence, Amazon is the greatest online retail platform where you can get billions of customers. So it will be best for you to sell products through Amazon. 

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