Asana Pricing Plans vs Trello Pricing Plans — A Comparison

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Asana Pricing Plans vs Trello Pricing Plans — A Comparison

A brief comparison between Asana pricing plans and Trello pricing plans to determine which is the more affordable software system for project management. Trello and Asana, two long-standing pioneers in the field, have prominent weightage in any search for the best project management software. Both have evolved into top-notch project management solutions and have Fortune 100 businesses as customers. The best one for you, of course, will depend on the kinds of tasks you oversee and your preferred method of working. 

Although many companies and people have a favorite project management tool, it always relies on their specific needs and preferences. For instance, firms that require a simple solution and enjoy the visual Kanban method of project management are likely to appreciate Trello’s straightforward strategy. 

Asana, on the other hand, is a preferable choice for individuals who require a somewhat more powerful tool for customization or need to assign specific tasks within a feature, story, or project. The ideal one for you might not be the right one for your rivals or even the guy sitting next to you, yet both provide excellent solutions to the right audience. 

In this article, we first overview what Asana and Trello are, their benefits for the users, and what existing customers have to say about both systems. In the end, we provide a brief comparison of Asana pricing plans vs Trello Pricing Plans 

What is Asana Project Management Software? 

Asana is a cloud-based project management software for teams to remain on track with their tasks and collaborate on projects. It makes it easy to create, assign, and monitor task progress, along with keeping the entire team on one page regarding any given project. Asana software includes features such as task dependencies, project timeline views, and custom fields. Users can customize their workspace as well as create project templates and custom reports. They will also have access to a range of integration options, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and more. Read more for Asana Pricing Plans.

Benefits of Using Asana Features 

Asana software 

  • Helps teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently. It allows users to assign tasks, set deadlines, comment, upload files, and more 
  • Makes it easy to manage tasks from start to finish. It provides an intuitive user interface and powerful task management features 
  • Allows users to automate workflows and processes. Users can create templates and set up recurring tasks 
  • Helps teams to track progress and ensure timely task and project completions. It provides real-time visibility into project progress 
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party apps, making it easier to manage tasks across multiple platforms 
  • Is accessible from mobile devices, allowing users to stay connected and productive on the go 
  • Provides customizable reports—giving users the ability to track and analyze performance over time 

Asana Reviews 

Customers found Asana to have an easy-to-use interface, along with offering advanced features when required by a team. However, users think that most of the better/advanced features are part of the paid packages, which makes them inaccessible to smaller teams.  

What is Trello Software? 

Trello is a collaborative project management and workflow software. It is a web-based tool that enables users to organize tasks and projects into boards, lists, and cards. Individuals, along with teams working for business organizations, can manage tasks and projects with Trello’s comprehensive set of features.  The features include scheduling, task assignments, reminders, progress tracking, and more. The software application supports collaboration with an intuitive user interface and allows users to comment on tasks, assign tasks to team members, and even set deadlines. It is highly customizable—allowing users to tailor their boards and cards to their specific needs. Trello also integrates with other popular tools such as Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox. 

Benefits of Using Trello 

Trello software system 

  • Has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to get started and quickly become productive 
  • Allows teams to collaborate in real time and assign tasks to each other 
  • Offers an array of visual tools, such as boards and cards, to help users organize and prioritize tasks 
  • Assists users in customizing boards, cards, and lists to fit their specific project needs 
  • Provides an array of automated features, such as labels, to help users streamline their workflows 
  • Allows remote teams to stay connected and share information from anywhere in the world 
  • Integrates with a wide range of applications, such as Slack and Google Calendar, to make collaboration easier 
  • Delivers real-time updates to keep teams in sync and informed of changes in tasks and projects 
  • Offers a secure environment and data encryption to keep user data safe 
  • Has a mobile application, which helps users to stay connected and productive while on the go 

Trello Reviews  

Trello users believe that the software system offers a natural and visually appealing interface. Teams using Trello have experienced better progress on projects and ease in achieving targets. However, customers expressed that a feature for tracking individual progress on tasks would make the software even better.  

Asana & Trello Pricing 

Both Asana and Trello offer a free version of the software system. Other than its free Basic plan, Asana has two other plans, which are priced at $10.99 and $24.99 per user per month, respectively. Additionally, it offers the Enterprise plan, for which interested customers can request pricing directly from the vendor.  

Trello’s cost starts at $5 per user per month. Another plan costs $10 per user per month. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan costs $17.50 per user per month.  

Asana Pricing Plans vs Trello Pricing Plans—The Verdict 

Comparing Asana pricing plans vs Trello pricing plans, we discover that both software systems offer mostly the same functionality and there is not a significant difference in the cost. Objectively, Trello is more affordable than Asana, but it does not offer team-specific features like the latter.  

Asana makes a better choice for smaller teams that need to manage projects among more than two people. On the other hand, Trello offers a visual advantage for project management but is more feasible for individuals that do not require allocating sub-tasks to a team frequently.  

Interested users can schedule an Asana or Trello demo to obtain a better understanding of the different features offered by both software systems. Software Finder makes it easier for customers to schedule demos. Head over to the website now to book an Asana or Trello software demo 

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