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Emery Rose Reviews

Emery Rose reviews are an online retailer that offers nine categories of chic women’s clothing. Clothing, plus size, beachwear, shoes, women’s bags, jewelry, accessories, home & Living, and beauty products are the categories.

Currently, the website hosts a semi-annual shopping festival where all orders receive free shipping. With various codes found on the internet, it also claims to provide discounts of 15%, 20%, and 25%.

A clothing line made particularly for ladies is called Emery Rose reviews. They have a huge selection from dresses to skirts to jeans, beachwear, shoes, luggage, and everything in between. The brand was founded in December 2020 and ran in China and the US. The business has recently grown in popularity, garnering 162K likes on Facebook.

Emery Rose is becoming more and more well-liked for several reasons. First of all, their stuff is of excellent quality and is inexpensive. Second, their designs are fashionable and current without being overly so or too flashy. Third, the business is run by trustworthy individuals who genuinely care about their clients. But before you go on a buying binge, find out if Emery Rose Clothing is genuine. To find out if the store is real or not is Emery rose legit, continue reading.

Details of Emery Rose Clothing

Read the following details to determine is Emery rose well or not:

  •   Products include clothing for women and related goods.
  •   Internet address: https://www.shopemeryrose.com
  •   Address: ZOETOP Business Company Limited, Rooms 19 through 112 on Floor 21, 14 Taikoo Shing, Taikoo Wan Road, Hong Kong.
  •   Email not provided.
  •   Contact information is omitted.
  •   Shipping fee: applicable. The shipping method and destination must be considered.
  •   Depending on the shipping service, delivery requires somewhere around 8 and 18 days.
  •   Returns and exchanges are accepted within 45 days of the order’s delivery.
  •   Once returns are accepted, refunds are applicable.
  •   Payment options include Visa, American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, and PayPal for online transactions.

Ends Up Costing Emery Rose Clothes

Emery Rose’s clothing is an economical 6 euros on average, yet there are some specials where we may buy items for as little as 4 euros.

Since most of the Emery Rose clothing I purchase is always on sale and has shown to be extremely high quality, the items currently on sale continue to be of very high quality.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Emery Rose Clothing


  •   Fashion-forward women’s products in a wide variety.
  •   Very affordable pricing.
  •   Accommodates all age groups.
  •   Offers free shipping at the moment, it says.
  •   Also offers plus-size clothes for large women.


  •   Although the costs are really low, they seem implausible.
  •   Home & Living, one of the categories, has little to do with the other categories, which only deal with products for women.
  •   Not every item can be returned.
  •   The shop is not reachable in any way.

Is Emery Rose Clothing Legit?

The first question is, “Is Emery rose legit or is emery rose good for shopping?” Therefore, you may decide here whether the Emery rose clothing website is reliable or not.

Are you trying to get inexpensive, fashionable clothing? Do you want to wear the newest trends in clothing without going broke? Then you might be thinking of Emery Rose, a fast-fashion company that guarantees excellent value for your money. But is Emery Rose a real person?

Concerns have been expressed concerning Emery Rose’s clothing’s quality. Despite being a relatively new company, Emery Rose has already established a solid reputation for reliability and value. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the brand’s items, finding them trendy and well-made. In addition, Emery Rose reviews usually runs sales and promotions, making it simple to locate affordable apparel.

Reviews for Emery Rose Clothing from Clients 

You may find if Emery Rose reviews have a good reputation by searching for reviews about the company online. Of course, there are occasional concerns about quality assurance and customer service, but these are expected with any business.

Reviewers generally agree that Emery Rose is an excellent place to get inexpensive, fashionable clothing. Emery Rose is undoubtedly worth checking out if you’re searching for a new quick fashion hotspot.

Price Score- 4/5

While other fast-fashion manufacturers may try to entice you with low costs, they can’t compare to the value you’ll receive from Emery Rose reviews. When you buy from this firm, you’re not just getting a wonderful product; you’re also getting a team of specialists that are committed to your success. Additionally, be prepared to find high-quality goods with tempting price tags.

Durability- 4/5

Quality is everything in the clothing world. Emery Rose reviews make its clothing using only the best fabrics and methods of manufacture as a result. Every item is made to last, whether a timeless white shirt or a vibrant sundress. Emery Rose understands that everyone’s style is distinctive; thus, the business offers a variety of sizes and silhouettes to fit every body type. Emery Rose has what you need, whether you’re looking for something casual or formal.

Delivery- 3/5

Basic delivery is free for all orders over $49 at Emery Rose reviews. Free expedited shipping is available for orders above $79 if you want even quicker service. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you need your order quickly or if you’re looking for a quick gift.

3/5 for Dealing with Customers

Emery Rose Reviews promise to help you immediately if you need assistance placing an order, have a query about a product, or are having problems with your purchase. The live chat feature on their website is the most effective way to contact them. A customer support agent will assist you in finding a rapid solution to your problem. Additionally, you can file a ticket on the website, and we will answer it as quickly as possible.


Emery Rose Reviews have created a powerful brand for itself and has so far managed to thrive. Companies continue to constantly make modifications if they want to survive in this cutthroat industry. If unfavorable customer reviews persist, the publicity for the brand could suffer greatly. Before purchasing any clothing from Emery Rose, carefully read the reviews on the website.

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