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Are you considering getting a necklace, ring, watch, or bracelet from Kegura? Reading this review reveals why our fraud detection gave a low trust rating.

For many of us who don’t enjoy walking the streets, especially in this post-Coronavirus era, shopping online is now simple. But as internet buying has expanded, fraud has risen.

Even if the website’s user-friendly interface is missing key essential elements like the phone number, owner information, and customer support service. We discovered copied content on the page, which is not standard practice for trustworthy websites.

The website hasn’t managed to accumulate a good trust rating, which isn’t encouraging. Additionally, several customers have complained in Kegura reviews that the company’s policies are opaque and that practically every product has hidden fees.


Kegura, is an online store that sells various jewelry items, such as chains, rings, bracelets, waist chains, and more. They are offered at reduced prices.

Because of its “Pay for Only Shipping” deal, Kegura Jewelry is popular. Customers can get an 80% discount on any piece of jewellery they choose using the promotional code “Sponsor22.” The customers charge only shipping. Let’s read the article to examine “Is kegura scam or not?”

Website Details

  •   Name of the website: Kegura
  •   Type: Online Shop Address:
  •   Email address: dmdheeraj786@gmail
  •   March 2021 is the registration date.
  •   It has only been up for three weeks.
  •   Details about the business and its owner: N/A
  •   Company Address: N/A
  •   Number to Call: N/A

Benefits of

  •   Both males and females can purchase the products from here.
  •   Watches, rings, bracelets, and other jewellery are among the products.
  •   SSL encryption offers site security.
  •   A variety of payment methods.


  •   No return address is provided.
  •   Provides no contact details
  •   The website lacks a seal, yet only trusted organizations are listed.
  •   Unbelievable savings: a 100% discount on all items.
  •   Never use the original pictures.
  •   There are no corporate specifics given.
  •   No social media links are offered.

Domain Launch Date

The domain for Kegura was created on March 24, 2021, indicating that it is a brand-new website.

The newcomers typically lack knowledge and perform poorly compared to the well-known retailers and websites.

Refund Procedure

Reviews on the website indicate that Kegura gives customers four weeks to return an item, which is a good indicator. Kegura.Com reimburses or refunds clients.

You have 30 days from delivery to return any items you’ve purchased from Kegura Jewelry. To make a return at Kegura.Com, you must email customer support at [email protected]. For your goods to be eligible for a return, they must be in excellent condition and be in their original packing. You also have to pay the return delivery cost.

Kegura.Com will inspect the merchandise upon delivery to see if it complies with the return policy. Kegura.Com will inform you of the status of your refund following the completion of the inspection. If your return is well-received, Kegura will provide a refund to your credit card or use another payment option. You might be able to get the credit in three to five business days, depending on the card issuer’s rules.

Client Frustrations

Online Kegura reviews by customers who have bought things from this store complain about the inadequate customer service.

Every attempt to contact the store about shipment was a complete headache because the delivered letter was frequently ignored. The customers afterwards realized that they had been overcharged for the shipping fee.

Dispatch and Shipping

Although the estimated delivery time is 12-15 days, it can take up to a month. This is a result of the shipment coming from China.

After a whole week since the purchase, the tracking data typically indicates that the load is still in the warehouse.

Theft of Contents

Kegura makes use of photos taken from a designer’s web store. As you can see from the Google search results, Valicci, the internet store, did not create the jewellery independently.

That indicates that they are misrepresenting someone else’s work in some way. They would likely sell counterfeit goods to buyers that are unlike the originals. The real creators of attractive accessories do not sell them for low prices, which is why.

Trust Index

Kegura received a pitifully poor rating when we attempted to conduct a test online. The website appears to be suspect as a result.

Use of Social Media

This internet store is not included on any popular social media platforms. The website fails the validity test once more. Is It A Scam? raises many questions in the crucial areas described in the preceding sentences.

Most people ask “Is Kegura scam?” Customers who purchased jewelry from this store had a poor experience because shipping and delivery took more than a month.

They stated that no phone number is listed on the website, making it impossible to contact this specific store.

Additionally, hasn’t given customers a return address, making it impossible for them to get a refund. Additionally, since consumer emails go unanswered, the email is useless.

These shortcomings, however, do not make Kegura a dishonest retailer. It is merely a drop-shipper for AliExpress.

You may relax knowing that is a legitimate website. However, your responsibility is always to study the warning flags before starting an internet business. Last but not least, remember that even the top firms worldwide have occasional complaints and unsatisfied customers.

Client Reviews

Finally, to determine whether the website is trustworthy or not, we looked at user reviews. Although we have seen a few customer reviews, the vast majority are favourable.

There weren’t any bad reviews on the website, which is unusual for just launched websites. Consequently, this further supports the website’s suspicions.


Kegura appears to be an internet jeweller with a solid reputation. Customers may have delivery delays, but you will undoubtedly receive your jewellery.

Consider purchasing something like a padlock from one of the Amazon sellers listed below if you don’t want to wait months for it. Both the delivery and the response times are quick.

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