Unusual St. Maarten/St. Martin Experiences, Activities, and Sights

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You’ll see that the majority of the St Martin Cruise Booking beaches, strolls, excursions, and activities we suggest you do in Saint Maarten / Saint Martin down below are outdoors, in natural settings, and away from people. This is a reflection of our deeds and advice. These activities are now more “Covid-friendly,” nevertheless, since being outdoors is less risky than being indoors or with a lot of people.

1. You may compete in sea races while operating a genuine America’s Cup boat with the 12-Metre Challenge.

The Stars & Stripes, the America’s Cup champion in 1987, is available for rides. This is thrilling all by itself. Each person of your party is given a crew position when you get aboard the boat. Following a brief instruction and some practise, the helmsman gives the directions, and then the race begins with the typical 6-minute delay.

You get the opportunity to see and take part in the cooperation necessary to make a craft like this soar above the sea. As we sailed straight into a short tropical storm, the wind tore the sails and our boat created somewhat unsettling angles, making this extremely evident and dramatic.

On the other hand, the competitiveness was what truly made this event stand out. To experience the exhilaration of a genuine race, we faced off against another America’s Cup boat (True North from Canada) under standard regatta regulations.

2. Run (or walk) at Cupecoy Bay first thing in the morning when you have the whole Caribbean beach to yourself.

Try cycling or walking if jogging isn’t your thing. Whatever you do, get up early and go to the cliffs. You’ll be rewarded with the stunning glow of dawn light in addition to having a Caribbean beach to yourself.

3. To get away from it all, go hiking in Guana Bay.

It’s easy to get caught up in St. Maarten’s tourist traps and question if the island offers anything else. However, our first view of a distinct St. Maarten/St. Martin came after a quick journey over the hill to the island’s southeast corner and Guana Bay.

4. Enjoy seeing the aircraft land over Maho Bay Beach.

We’ve never visited a location where the airport is a popular tourist destination. You’ll immediately understand why if you sit on or near the beach in Maho Bay, however. It’s essentially captured in the picture below. Although it seems Photoshopped, it is not.

5. Spend the day at the nicest beach in the Caribbean at Shoal Bay, Anguilla.

We were informed that Shoal Bay beach is “heaven on earth” on our first day in St Martin Cruise Booking. We were persuaded to go since the suggestion was made by a long-time resident with great knowledge of the Caribbean. Having been to several “top beaches,” we restrained our expectations.

6. You may rise above it all at Pic Paradis.

Reaching the highest point has a certain effect on perspective. You can examine the contours of the landscape and how all of the places you’ve seen fit together by taking an aerial photo of St. Maarten (and St. Martin) from the overlook of Pic Paradis, the island’s highest point at 1,391 feet (424 metres).

7. Travel around St. Martin’s western shore on a rhinoceros.

“That’s why we term it a Rhino,” said Oliver, the owner of Rhino Safaris, when we first arrived. “I created this myself and it’s impossible to tip.” He did this so that everyone, from children to those in their 90s, could take in the spectacle.

I was glad to find that this hybrid Jet Ski/zodiac could not be flipped since I had regrettably tipped a jet ski on a college break many years before. Once we got acquainted to the Rhino and what it could do in terms of speed, spins, and tricks, it was very enjoyable and addicting.

8. Travel over the border and review your French.

The lengthy history of conflict between the French and the Dutch on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin was one of the factors that brought us there. While the French half is still a French territory, the Dutch side has become an independent nation. We were interested in the appearance and sensation of it.

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