What makes hot dog boxes controversial is custom packaging

by johnpeter

Bring revenue to online hot dog business with Custom hot dog boxes:

Are you worried about fewer orders online? Want to bring revenue to your hot dog business? Also, done with online complaints? Want to renovate the packaging style? Then discuss your packaging with us. We have solutions to all your problems.

We provide you with good-quality cardboard or kraft material. Mostly hot dogs packed in rigid eco-friendly trays. Our custom trays are easy to carry and leakage-proof. But it gets tricky to deliver hot dogs in trays for riders. We provide custom hot dog boxes Canada that protect your juicy and spicy sausages from getting soggy or greasy. Also, our packages are available in all sizes and shapes according to the number of hot dogs.

Upgrade logos of Custom hot dog packaging:

Do you want to introduce a superior look to logos? Or like any idea how possible?

We understand that every fast food selling shop wants to be different in all aspects, whether food quality or packaging. We have substantial modish and alluring options for you. You can update the logos of the hot dog’s box with embossing and debossing. When it’s affordable, why not get to benefit from it? When you uplift the logo background, it looks so elegant and unique. Also, it looks classy when the ground is sunk with debossing.

Make your customer’s Halloween party more fantastic:

You know it’s a Halloween sale season in 2022. You should also be part of that sale. In this way, you can give light to your hot dog business everywhere. You can bring more delight to the customer’s face with spooky and mysterious designs on the hot dog’s packaging. You can even sell a box on the party theme. As you can write in the online description, we provide pumpkin-shaped Halloween party boxes to make your night party more memorable. With this strategy, you can win customers’ hearts. Also, it gives a boost to your online orders.

Set apart your hot dog animated images with us:

We have different outclass color schemes (PMS, CMYK) to differentiate your Halloween dog box from others. Also, our lavish printing machines give clarity and perfect touch to cartoon images and logos. Suppose you are worried that your scary pumpkin should be different from your competitors. You can use our special budget-friendly ODD-ONS.

Utilize spot UV coating for more detail and impression

You can apply spot UV coating for a more distinctive and promotional look on the particular area. It’s very beneficial to enhance the presentation of the design. Also, you can use silver and gold foiling for the glam and shine on the surface. If you are looking for something supreme for a Halloween theme, then you can get also Bagel boxes. Also, you can use matte lamination for the dull and royal look of the image.

Promote an eco-friendly environment with custom boxes:

If you are a nature lover and want to do something for nature. It’s an excellent suggestion to use 100% biodegradable material for hot dog packaging.  You can use recyclable boxes in the future without polluting the environment. It’s impossible with plastic containers, so use 100% nature-friendly kraft material from iCustomboxes.

Why should we not use plastic material for packaging?

  •   Creates microplastic
  •   Kills ocean life
  •   Harmful to wildlife
  •   Pollutes the air

Buy custom Halloween sausages boxes from us at wholesale:

We give you a golden opportunity to buy hot dog boxes once in bulk. And get free from the tension of repeated orders. Also, save you money and time. Also, get a free sample of your custom hot dog box from us with zero shipment charges in a quick turnaround. If you are interested, contact our customer representative for an order. Also, we have secure payment methods. Still, if you face any jerks, discuss them with our expert team.

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